And finally, we take a walk in the country to discover the votive small chapels, also named "of the Mysteries".


In the olden days, it was used to build in the country rustic churches as well as votive little chapels, at the edges of the streets. They were erected for faith, for vows or to reconsecrate places profaned by fiends of Hell and phantoms.

Nowadays only some of the many pleasant exemplars still remain:
The so-called "Mistero" is nearby the Loreto church, in the country road that runs from the Fornace (brickyard) to the town:
Votive Chapel of Madonna della Catena , in Armo place,
Votive Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary, in Cicero place,
Votive Chapel of San Giuseppe,
Votive Chapel of San Rocco.

The sober little chapels attract for their modesty; there is always a wild flower on them offered with love, and they invite to pray creating a sensation of calm and interior peace.