fig. 1 Myrtle plant.
fig. 2 Coop. "IL Quadrifoglio", Parish Our Lady Of The Assumption, Mirto (ME)

fig. 3 Overview of Mirto
Fig.4 Mirto panorama.

Fig.5 Monastery/ Capuchin Church
Fig.6 The crypt
Fig.7 The ossuary.

fig. 8 Oberdan Square
Fig.9 Umberto I street.

fig. 10 S. Sebastiano
Fig.11 Interior of the church
Fig.12 Detail (1772)
Fig.13 Portal of the Church
Fig.14 Campanile
Fig.15 Façade.

fig. 16 Façade of the Monastery
Fig.17 Detail
Fig.18 Portal of the ex-monastery
Fig.19 Lobby of the monastery- (1st detail)
Fig.20 Lobby of the monastery- (2nd detail)
fig. 21 Detail
Fig.22 Portal of di "Santa Maria di Gesù"
Fig.23 Church of "Santa Maria di Gesù"
Fig.24 High Altar and the Virgin of Gagini
Fig.25 Detail of the base
Fig.26 The Virgin Of Gagini
Fig.27 The "Vara" and the statue "Madonna del Cardellino"
Fig.28 The other "Vara"
Fig.29 Campanile of the church.

fig. 30 Pointed arch Portal
Fig.31 Façade
Fig.32 Portal
Fig.33 St. Cirino
Fig.34 St. Alfio
Fig.35 St. Filadelfio
Fig.36 Details of the façade.
fig. 37 San Nicola's Church
Fig.38 Christ Crucified
Fig.39 San Nicola's painting.
fig. 40 Façade
Fig.41 Details of the façade
Fig.42 Portal of the southern lateral façade (16th cen.).
fig. 43 Detail
Fig.44 Detail
Fig.45 Wooden Case
Fig.46 Wooden statue representing St. Tecla from Iconio
Fig.47 Local marble ambo
Fig.48 Local marble High Altar.

fig. 49 Ciborium
Fig.50 Chapel
Fig.51 Vault of the Chapel
Fig.52 Detail.

fig. 53 Detail
Fig.54 Detail
Fig.55 The (entire) Chapel
Fig.56 Madonna della Catena.

fig. 57 1) Annunciation (1659)
Fig.58 2) St. Francis of Assisi (1840)
Fig.59 3) Descent from the Cross (1652)
Fig.60 4) The Souls of Purgatory (1654)
Fig.61 5) Rest during the Flight into Egypt (1647)
Fig.62 6) The Last Supper (1654/55)
Fig.63 7) St Anthony Abbot (1658)
Fig.64 8) St Peter and St Paul, St Gaetano of Tiene
Fig.65 9) The Redemption (or Jesus and Mary) (1660)
Fig.66 10) Martyrdom of the Three Brothers (S. Alfio's Church)
Fig.67 11) St Nicola's painting
Fig.68 Detail of the Deposition
Fig.69 Detail of the Annunciation
Fig.70 Detail St. Peter, St Paul, St Gaetano
Fig.71 Detail of the Redemption.
fig. 72 Relics of the Church.
fig. 73 Little Church.
fig. 74 St Rocco
Fig.75 St Giuseppe (Joseph)
Fig.76 Mystery
Fig.77 Virgin of the Rosary
Fig.78 Madonna della Catena.